What Do I Desire?
My Film explores an Alan Watts philosophy lecture "Do you do it or does it do you" mainly focusing on the chapter "If money was no object" editing the main quotes in as the actual thing is about 3 hours long. The film emphasizes how everyone has their desires but don't act upon them as they are tied down by something.
Storyline: about two characters "Tim" being from upper-class but trapped at a dead-end job, not truly experiencing life to the fullest. Jane lower-class single mother working as a cleaner, aspiring to become an author and see her daughter grow up. The first half of the film is animation to give the connotation of how they are not living to the best of their potential. Later turning into live-action where they live out their desires down to hard work.  Note throughout the film I've added little Easter eggs hinting to their desires and connecting the live-action by having props with the animation characters such as the book at the end.
Was given 3 months to produce this in my A level Digital Film
Channel 4 Indent
I was given less then a month for my A level to create a 20 second indent for channel 4. 
Adobe Animate and Premier Pro used
 Music: Cosmo Sheldrake - Come Along

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