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A series of 3 posters advertising different parts of Victoria & Albert's Museum. The purpose of creating these was for them to be used in the London Underground. (All drawings, photos and logos used are my own)
(A level project 2020)
As a series they all flow by using a similar colour theme with a futuristic kick..
I went to the museum and the underground to get a better understanding of the places and how I would see things from a viewers point of view

Final Concept: if you look closely on the hat you can see little Easter eggs hidden like the V&A , some one my recurring characters along with my last name 彭 (Pang)

The aim was to combine the traditional Japanese painting style hence the line work along with making it modern like adding exaggerated highlights and being a digital painting.

Finalizing compositions
I chose composition 4 to go into my poster series down to the pink/purple colour pallet(would have a theme with the others) and the structure is stronger as the typography is more legible and has a focus. 
If your interested in more development and reasoning/problem solving for this project in particular feel free to email me ""

Also here are some posters I made for this project following different styles that did'nt make it to the final rounds of development 

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