I began my entrepreneurial journey with 'Square 8 Limited' as a lockdown project, teaming up with my father to improve products for both style and function. Our Amazon business was a hit, proving my knack for designing, taking own calculated risks, and making profitable strategies. This mindset not only sets me apart but also equips me to navigate challenges confidently and deliver exceptional results.
As Co-founder I am responsible for research, marketing and strategy, illustration and animation.
A big part of the succession of this project was my awareness of audience. I needed to understand the difference between  buyer and person its for. When designing I like to interact/know  the market audience well. I was influenced with my time volunteering as a unit leader for girl guides where I all ready had the experience. 
What distinguishes the star chart design is its interactive illustration, featuring holographic elements and the option to utilize the magnetic feature or directly draw on it being easy to clean.
Tilly the character above creates a narrative for the user to engage with and spark further creativity for the user.

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